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Srigdhaa Beverages

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • Srigdhaa “Group” started in 1995 with SV Associate distribution business.
  • 125 km pipeline Project inaugurated by PM Modi
  • Organic Farming, acquiring land for healthy Organic Farming
  • Relief Operations, first to reach Kurnool flood victims and distributed clothes to effected tribals in Bhadrachalam deep forest.
  • Adopted Govt School at Sayeedapuram. Every year funding the Books, library, children’s shoes, safe drinking water.
  • Distribution of food and blankets to the deprived on streets in association with Lions Club.
  • Contribution towards Orphanage, Old Age Home and visiting them periodically
  • Sports Stadium for training and development of young talent by identifying them early and honing their skills
  • Health and fitness comes into focus
  • It is this holistic factor that ‘Oxygem’ was launched in 2005
  • Healthcare, aero companies, hospitality industry, IT sector, the college campus in Telangana, AP & Karnataka and in-flight catering for airlines.
  • Believes in manufacturing quality water.
  • It also participates in various local events to spread awareness on the need for this liquid asset
  • The company is geared to tap markets in Tamilnadu & Kerela by 2020
  • The experienced team continues to innovate and research to introduce new products. Soda and Zeera soda, Premium Water & Flavoured Milk.
  • Well known brand in Telangana & AP region

The need for this liquid asset has accelerated as health and fitness come into focus. It is this holistic factor that prompted Srigdhaa Beverages to launch ‘Oxygem’ in 2005 with a specific purpose- to enhance the quality of drinking water available in cities across India. The ISO 9001 certified company is proud to serve its regular customers directly from its manufacturing facility. Oxygem is delivered to myriad industries which include healthcare companies, hospitality industry, IT sector, college campus in AP and Telangana and inflight catering for airlines.

Srigdhaa Beverages, believes in only in manufacturing quality water. It also participates in various local events to spread the need for this liquid asset. Whether it is through radio spots or billboard, branding across sports, media events Oxygem is now a brand to reckon with. As more people adopt a healthy lifestyle, the company has launched its product in AP and Karnataka. It is also geared to tap markets in Tamilnadu and Kerala by 2019. Soda and Zeera soda will be introduced in addition to the growing beverage brands in this sector. The future plans include the launch of Oxygem Pulp Juice tetra pack production for the Indian consumer’s trend for enjoying natural liquids.

Oxygem Milestones & Achievements:

  1. 1. 125 km pipeline Project inaugurated by PM Modi to be highlighted
  2. 2. We are also into Agro Business, acquiring land for Organic Farming.
  3. 3. We were first to reach Kurnool flood and we distributed cloths to tribals in Bhadrachalam deep forest.
  4. 4. We adopted Govt School at Sayeedapuram. We fund the library, children’s shoes, books, safe drinking water.
  5. 5. We also distributed blankets to street beggars with associates of Lions club.
  6. 6. We visit orphanages and help them
  7. 7. Sports Facility for under privileged society

Management Team:

Vijender Reddy
Managing Director

If I can dream it, then I can be it

Srigdhaa Beverages is a well known brand in Amaravathi and Telangana region, thanks to the conscious decision taken by the promoters to bring healthy drinking water to people. Under the leadership and vision of Vijender Reddy, Srigdhaa Beverages is morphing into a company that has taken competition head on with large MNCs existing in the region. He has a strong background as a qualified B.Com and MBA graduate. His business models and vision have been focused on making a niche despite big brands giving competition. His entrepreneurial journey began with a motivated step into distributorship of leading FMCG products of Dabur India, Hekel Spik India, TTK Healthcare, Add Gel Pens, Kodak India Limited and Wipro India Limited. He gained knowledge and experience into this sector’s market penetration and naturally became a super stockist under the companies Ankitha Enterprises, SVR Associates, SVR Technologies.

In 2005, Vijender Reddy’s analytical skills and opportunity to seek new business led him to enter realty sector. Competing against large builders and developers he started Srigdhaa Infra in Hyderabad, Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri District, Vijayawada & Bheemavaram. As a developer, several premium real estate projects like Spanzilla were completed.

With a dream to to known as a businessman Pan-India, he set up Srigdhaa Beverages. Along with it came the need to be socially responsible to health conscious people. The beverage sector gave an opportunity to offer quality products like water, soda, Badam Milk and juices at very reasonable prices. The MD is acknowledged for his ability to strengthen the company, and leading into highly competitive markets.

Growing as a businessman is not the only passion for Vijender Reddy. His compassionate nature has brought him closer to the socially deprived. He is a patron of Devnar Blind School and lends a helping hand by going the extra mile.

Shaikh Anwar
Vice President

Being result-oriented is the forte of Shaikh Anwar, the formidable strategist with Srigdhaa Beverages. He has displayed immense skills in getting repeat business for the company that has barely set shop in a competitive market in South India. He has a checkered but steady climb in the marketing and sales for the company. He has a natural flair for customer relationship and provides amicable solutions. Shaikh Anwar has immense knowledge on technical presentation skills and new sales strategies to bring awareness for Oxygem and the new products that the company intends to introduce in the market from time to time and amplify customer segments.

The Vice President’s past experiences in marketing Modicare and DXN have evolved to the next level. As a former distributor, he also shares the MD’s passion to build Srigdhaa Beverages into a solid brand. As a core strategist to float the company’s short term and long term goals, the VP is set to be one of the most valued human resource in the company. As an Ex-Serviceman from the Indian Air Force, he is an efficient organizer, motivator, team player and a decisive leader with the skills to motivate teams to excel and win. He has proficiency in formulating & implementing strategies / policies and reaching out to the unexplored market segments / customer groups for business expansion.

Plant Team:

Headed by industrial grade experts like chemical engineers and microbiologist the manufacturing unit based in Cherlapally, Secunderabad is a highly sophisticated facility. More than 60 people are employed in the plant to conduct smooth operations and ensure delivery of water to regular customers. The in-house facilitates bottle blowing, rinsing, filling, automatic capping, auto labelling, coding for each batch.

Distribution network via Vendors & Franchises

A valued team of distributors, 25 outlets, across Telangana and AP regions comprise of the network. 20 delivery stations stack the packaged water for consumers in Hyderabad.

Our commitment to the ecosystem

The very fact that water sustains life, it is a priority for us to think about balancing the ecosystem. When we manufacture packaged water, care is taken to ensure its purity. As a company that thinks holistically about its environment, we ask our clients to send us back the pet bottles or recycle them. As local entrepreneurs, we have demonstrated our capacity to sustain the ecosystem. Our holistic approach benefits health conscious consumers and also the planet. We take our role of providing clean drinking water very seriously. Our brand supports events which clearly promote our vision and mission.

Manufacturing Plant

Oxygem is created in a very sterile environment in Cherlapally, Secunderabad, in a spacious, well designed 2-acre facility. The fully automated plant has infrastructure to process untreated water, fill the purified content in light weight PET bottles. These containers are considered safe for the shelf life of packaged drinking water. Nearly 70% of water that is purified is packed in such bottles of varying sizes. A 3-tier stringent purity test is conducted before the bottling process. The final product that is created offers a buoyant taste. It is as fresh as a forest spring when consumed.

The management recognizes the needs of its niche customers, who are consuming this liquid asset as a health conscious decision. We offer customized requests to our regular clientele. Oxygem is available to them in 6 different bottled packages:

250 ml

500 ml

1 Litre

2 Litres

5 Litres

20 Litres

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