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Oxygem is the liquid asset of

health conscious individuals

Srigdhaa Beverages, believes in only in manufacturing quality water. It also participates in various local events to spread the need for this liquid asset. Whether it is through radio spots or billboard, branding across sports, media events Oxygem is now a brand to reckon with. As more people adopt a healthy lifestyle, the company is geared to tap markets in Chennai and Bangalore by 2020.

The experienced team continues to innovate and research to introduce new products. Soda and Zeera soda will be introduced in addition to the growing beverage brands in this sector. The future plans include the launch of Oxygem Pulp Juice tetra pack production for the Indian consumer’s trend for enjoying natural liquids.

Milestones of the Oxygem

125 km

Been an integral part of the Pipeline Project...


We are also into Agro Business, acquiring land...


We were first to reach Kurnool flood and we...


We adopted Govt School at Saidapuram. We...

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We have taken on the mantle of being the watersmith to the new generation of health conscious individuals. When it comes to drinking bottled water, we assist consumers to regulate what they drink so that it does not impact their health or the environment adversely.


Our purpose is to make consumers understand the difference between tap and packaged water. Oxygem’s true potential will be realized when we accomplish the feat of creating awareness of owning this enhanced liquid asset. That is why we have created a ‘pure gem’ named Oxygem.

125+ km

Pipeline Project inaugurated by PM Modi

The need for this liquid asset has accelerated as health and fitness come into focus. It is this holistic factor that prompted Srigdhaa Beverages to launch ‘Oxygem’ in 2005 with a specific purpose- to enhance the quality of drinking water available in cities across India. The ISO 9001 certified company is proud to serve its regular customers directly from its manufacturing facility. Oxygem is delivered to myriad industries which include healthcare companies, hospitality industry, IT sector, college campus in AP and Telangana and inflight catering for airlines.

Our Clients

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